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Even for the most creative of web designers, convincing the client to love their work can be really tough task. This should however not be a barrier in interacting with them and proving that the design will work for them. It is all part of the game plan in which web designers find themselves. Convincing and persuading client is an unenviable job, but with a little tact and skill anyone can do it. However, designers should expect them to challenge you and oppose you tooth and nail. The good news is you can convince them in the end.

There is one little thing that you must remember however; never try to convince your client for the sake of it. If you are not convinced so will your client be. Your objective must always be to give your best, so that, at end they are convinced. You will find that most customers are simple to deal. To persuade others, you will have to educate them first. If you are young and don’t have previous experience in interacting with clients, you will indeed experience some difficulty, but over a period of time, you should be able to overcome it.


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You can build your company website easily without the help of a designer. Though it seems complex, it has a lot of advantages. Take enough care for each element of your website and you can make it successful. I’ve put together 10 tips that will help you keep going in the right path of website designing for your company. You must make a list of objectives for developing your website. The main objectives that people usually have are communicate, convince, and convert. Let’s see a short description of these objectives before we move on.

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Make a simple and clear navigation around all the pages in the website. It helps users to stay in the web site by following to other related links.

Clear Spacing:


Don’t mess your content with images. Make necessary space between the paragraph and the images. It helps visitors to take some time in the page. The white space helps to improve the visitor’s readability.

Color Policy:

color policy

Use the perfect color pattern to make your site clean and more elegant. Confirm that the selected color pattern must match with your logo. Use graphics in the headlines which helps the visitors to identify the important part in the website.

Catchy Fonts:


Use the best suitable font for your design. Font places the important role in designing website.  If you didn’t choose the perfect font, it will spoil your design.


Use plenty of high quality images in your websites. Modern websites always plays with images to attract more visitors. Always hire an experienced photographer to make some photos related to you theme and place in appropriate positions.

Gulfwebstudio creates these tips based on our web sites design experience with our clients in uae.


Looking forward to design an ecommerce website? If yes, then you are at the perfect place! In this fast-paced world, with every individual having a digital foot-print, most, if not, many businesses try to cover the most unique aspects on their websites and get placed in the position for success.

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