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The design of your website plays a significant role in determining the page rank and traffic of your website. While it is necessary to give users reliable and high quality content, you should also maintain the balance with the design of your website. The better your web design is the higher your page rank will be. Getting on the good books of search engine spiders is essential to gain organic traffic easily and this is the primary aim of any SEO analyst. Many people have the wrong notion that SEO deals purely with the content. The truth is that SEO starts right from the beginning of the designing process. I have put together seven points that I’ve found to be effective over the years of my profession as a designer.

Minimize the number of fonts:

The fact that using different fonts for different areas of the page enhances the readability is undeniable. However, to display a font, the browser has to load it before displaying it to the user. It means that with a high number of fonts on the web page, the loading time of the web page will increase. As this isn’t what you want, it is advisable to use as few fonts as possible in order to lighten the website and increase the load time.


Easy navigation is one of the features of a good website. Viewers will stay on your website for a longer time if it is easily navigable. Otherwise, you can be sure that they will find other sites where they can get the information or just dislike your website.

Effective use of White Space:

Having a frame of free white space around the content is a generally followed policy among many developers. However, you can use this white space effectively to place tools or menus while still protecting the neat look of the website. You should also take care not to clutter this white space by placing too many items.

Replacing Images:

Using images is advisable and also important. However, many developers stick on to it as a rule of thumb and use too many images than needed. This will again increase the website’s loading time. Plus, it will increase the bandwidth which could have been avoided easily. Instead of images that are just added to fill the space, you can use CSS3 gradients. These gradients save the look of your website and also help you keep it light.

Keep it Fresh:

This is one of the oldest tricks that still prove to be effective. Search engines give high ranks to websites that are updated frequently. Therefore, even if you don’t have new information to share with your viewers, you can repurpose the content on your website and make small changes with its look on a regular basis. This will help you get high ranks from search engines.

First Things First:

Sounds fancy, isn’t it? Yes, you must keep a list of prioritized content and keywords and use those keywords on the very first page of your website. This first page could be your Home or About page. You must have your important keywords on this page, which is greatly necessary to get good page ranks for your website.

Social Media:

Link your social media presence to your website effectively. There may not be many companies that have not done this. However, the important thing to be noted is that we should do it effectively in such a way that visitors find it easy to follow your business on your social media pages.

These are some simple and effective steps to design a website effectively to increase traffic. Hope this helps!

Web Design and development Company in UAE

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SEO has become an essential service for every business today, as without it you cannot imagine to gain a competitive edge. Before you can start off with your search to find the finest SEO services providing company, you need to have a clear idea of what SEO is and how it can benefit you and your business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a process of online marketing. Onsite and offsite are the two techniques involved in SEO, the primary aim of which is to improve the search engine ranking of a website. It will then lead to greater visibility and more chances for generating leads.

As it is a big investment that will considerably affect your brand image, thus selecting just any company is not a wise decision. You would definitely not want your business to suffer due to the inefficiency of the SEO service provider. Therefore, you need to spend enough time looking for a company that can efficiently serve your needs by providing the best quality service. In the end, the services you receive will be worth the efforts you have made.
In order to make your search easier, below mentioned are three simple steps to find the best SEO Services Dubai Company.

•    Research
First step involves looking for companies that are renowned and hold good standing in the online world. You can begin your search online or ask from reliable resources. During your search, you will come across innumerable companies which claim to be the best at providing SEO Services Bahrain. However, you should not fall for such claims, as most likely these might not be true. Rather than believing whatever the company says, it is better to ask them for statistics to check how successful their previous projects have been.
Some of the other details that you can ask an SEO company for are:
•    Since when the company has been providing SEO services
•    Technical experience of their team
•    Types of methods and techniques used for achieving rankings
•    References of their clients
•    SEO plan they will be implementing for your business
•    Time it will take to see the expected results
You can also check the reviews posted by their previous clients on their website, to get a better insight of their level of expertise and how competently they serve their clients.

•    Compare
The next step, once you have shortlisted your options, is to spend time researching about the companies. Visiting the website of the company is a good way to get complete information about the company, its experience, client list and range of services being offered.
Your budget can also become a decisive factor while selecting a Search Engine Optimization Company Dubai. Make sure that the company you choose is willing to provide services within your budget range, without compromising on quality or time. Once you have compared the various companies, their services and fees, then you can go ahead and finalize the one, which suits your requirements the best.

•    Services offered
With every company employing unique and innovative techniques to enhance its online presence, you cannot rely on age old methods to attract customers. Thus it is essential to ensure that the company is well aware of modern SEO techniques and can efficiently implement these to deliver desired outcome. Also, every business is different, in terms of services it provides, its niche and future goals and all these factors keep on changing as the businesses expand. Thus the Web Development Company Dubai should be able to customize its services to perfectly match your current and future requirements.

Another imperative thing is to hire a company that provides white label search engine optimization services. White label is a term that refers to website optimization techniques which are acceptable by prominent search engines. In case a company uses black label techniques, then your site can get penalized or completely banned by search engines. It could not only lead to huge financial loss, but can also adversely affect your brand image among clients and competitors.

The above mentioned steps will definitely make your search easier. However, your job does not end with just selecting a good SEO company. SEO requires constant efforts to maintain online ranking of your website. You should pay attention to the monthly reports. It will keep you aware of the progress that your SEO efforts are making. In case you do not see the promised results, then you can ask the SEO Company to review its strategies.

Irrespective of the company you choose, it is imperative to set realistic goals. You might want to hire an SEO company to improve conversion rates, increase the number of email subscribers or give your business more exposure. Having clear and achievable business objectives is paramount as it will help you streamline your efforts and also save you from facing any disappointments later. SEO, if done in a correct and ethical way, can prove to be a boon for your business, taking your brand to the heights of success which you always wished to achieve.
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Dot Net duke or the DNN wields the power of the web as a CMS with its open-source, free platform. Content management software or CMS breaks free all technology barriers which would prevent the user(business, individual, client) from creating and evolving with his/her own web space. An online business site developed with CMS renders discretion to the client to make modifications/tweaks/ and even expand the scope of the existing site.

Dot Net Nuke based on Microsoft.net technology offers unique features to allow users to enjoy more latitude as they have the discretion to manage content from the smaller intranet, the extranets, to the larger internet on any platform and with multiple databases.These features are accomplished through DNN’s scalability and extensibility by using modules, skins, templates, language packs data providers. Let us take quick peek into these features, which makes Dot Net nuke a user-friendly CMS.

DontNetNuke has three-tier architecture with a content management system, application framework and the server tier in three separate layers. This kind of architecture lays the foundation of extensive modularity where plug-ins can be easily installed and uninstalled at the same time.Coming back to modularity, the DNN framework has built-in modules to provide basic functionality to design and develop for intranet, e-commerce system, extranet, the internet(public web site) or any custom web application.

For enhanced features or hi-end development third-party modules can be uploaded by the administrator and can be used in any of the pages in a website. There is a marketplace for both DotNetnuke modules and skins in the web-space, where the feature you desire is available both in the paid and free version.The concept of modularity is further espoused by the use of skins in the Dotnenuke framework. Skins are HTML files with a structured framework to build content. These files also have provisions or placeholders for images, menus, stylesheets etc. The skins help to separate the design from the content thereby rendering greater platform independence and reducing the incidence of developer-designer incompatibility. Meaning; that both functionality and the presentation of the page are segregated, with the application logic not interfering with the style at all. Similar to modules compiled DotNEtNuke skins can also be uploaded into the framework by the administrator.

DNN’s skinning engine reads through the compiled skins and generates a  user-control file(if the skin doesn’t have one) using the placeholders and other tags of the HTML language.Coming to the language packs, the downloadables are available in different languages pertaining to the parent language used in your DNN framework. The feature is well-nuanced as there are variants of a single language(for instance, US or UK English).

From the “soft-skills” of language present in DotnetNuke to the hard-core hard-skills, DNN supports a host of data providers for data access, from SQL Oracle and others of the like.In summary, Dot Net Nuke sums up to be the coveted CMS in the industry for one: for its extensibility and secondly, for its customizability. Thriving on the latest buzz of the web-platform to deliver services par excellence is Web Development Company in Dubai,UAE  . Here the wide spectrum of services covers SEO, graphic design, logo design which typically come under the umbrella term “web development, UAE”. Our expertise speaks volumes for open-source accessibility rendering customized solutions for any online business. Thus customer satisfaction is a stamp of guarantee on our highly extensible services!

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